Manda Ford

So many HUGS to give out!!

Wanted to say a massive thank you for the VERY GENEROUS donations you have all given to this cause. 

Me and the Good People of the North are forever grateful for your support. 

Make sure you read up on the stats of youth homelessness - it’s quite alarming… there’s so much we can all do to help make a systemic change. 

Stepping into the shoes of others to understand the hardships so many young people experience, will definitely be eye opening. 

Though we’re sleeping ‘rough’, we still have the safety of a secure environment, guards to watch over us. The youth on the street don’t. 

Again, thanks for your support - it means EVERYTHING! 🧡

We Have The Power To End Youth Homelessness

Let me start off by just saying thank you for clicking the link... I really wanted to experience this with my kiddo, so she could better understand the hardships so many others experience, but she has a few more years until she's 18 and able to join me. So together with some of my very rad mumma clan in the north - Good People of the North - we're going to raise money and awareness - with your help of course!

Together, we have the power to end youth homelessness. 

All the small drops make the if you can spare a little or a lot - simply hit DONATE...

I'll throw in a hug when I see you next too - if you love hugs as much as I do!  

Here's some information that might make you see this issue from a different lens:
Every night, over 122,000 Australians experience homelessness. That’s more than the maximum capacity of the great MCG. And alarmingly, a quarter of all these people are between the ages of 12 and 25. 

In Victoria, more than 7,600 young people experience homelessness every night.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

Homelessness is not a choice. Homelessness doesn't discriminate.

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Thank you to my Supporters


Lola Ford

Love you Mum ❤️


Priya Pathmanathan

Happy to support this important cause. Good on you Manda!


Sofia Myrodellis

Always thinking of others. 🌟


Hilary Van Herwaarden

Glad to see this great fundraiser gaining traction - well done for getting involved!




Candice Moser


Jelena Ko Anovic


Kristina Stewart

Go Manda! X


Raphael Touzel


Darren Tran


John Mcgregor


Sam Court


Kate Lawrence


Martin Holliday

Good work Manda for a worthy cause!


Nathan Vincent


Simmon Tran

Amazing work Manda!


Sarah Yong



Steph Frayne

Great job!



Rug up legends


Ed Dowling

Great work Manda, The stats are alarming and you are supporting a great cause.


Elizabeth Sheriff


Penny Kay

So hard to know what to say... good luck? Well, no. Homeless do this every night. Have fun? No, probably not in the spirit of it all. How about thankyou? Thankyou for giving a shit and doing what you can?! Xxx


Adele Brown



Dean Purdy


Kelly Pariossien

Love you and your legendary ways 🙌🏼


Andrew B



Love your work x


Jayne Dixon


Jan Cleeman

Very proud of you Manda xxx



Great initiative Manda and a such a worthy cause!


Michael Munzenberger

Nice work Manda 🤙


Annette Perry

You superstar. What a great cause x


Dallas Hubner

Proud of you



Great lady, great cause x



Hey Commanda! Big kudos to you for taking this on for a great cause.

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