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What is Sleep At The ’G?

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Sleep At The ’G is MCM’s flagship fundraising event that sees compassionate Victorians come together in support of thousands of young Victorians who are without a safe place to call home. It’s a fun event to raise money and awareness for a serious issue.

Do I sleep at the MCG?

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Yes, for one night you’ll sleep at one of the world’s most famous stadiums. Funds raised at your one uncomfortable night sleeping at the MCG will provide comfort and security for a young person without a home.

Why is homelessness an issue for young people?

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Homelessness is usually a result of other forms of disadvantage building to a crisis. Family violence, abuse and mental health are the major drivers into homelessness for young people. But once they become homeless, they face even more dangerous situations; sleeping rough, in unsafe housing, couch surfing and many others that leave them vulnerable to danger and risks. The longer homelessness lasts, the harder it is to rebuild a life.

Without the support of organisations like MCM, a young person can become further entrenched in long term-homelessness, increasing trauma and poverty, losing all hope of reaching their full potential.

We know that 50% of adults experiencing long-term homelessness were homeless as young people. Breaking this cycle is vital to give young people their best chance of a better life.

The event

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Start time?

Gate 2 of the MCG is open from 5PM and the event commences at 6.30pm with a Welcome to Country, therefore please arrive before 6.30pm.

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Finish time?

Gate 2 re-opens at 5.30AM on the morning after the event. 5.30am is when the early risers start to stir, the turnstiles start clicking over and a basic breakfast begins. You will be able to enjoy a Sunrise walk around the MCG or Yoga at Sunrise in Yarra Park before coming together for one last announcement at 7.30am.
You are welcome to sleep in a bit longer – all guests must depart the MCG by 8.30am.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

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On our website, over here.

If I can't attend for some reason, can I get a refund or transfer my ticket to someone else?


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As Sleep At The ’G is MCM’s flagship fundraising event, participants are not entitled to refunds of registration fees should their circumstances change and they cannot attend the Event. Tickets are not transferrable.

How old must I be to attend?

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For safety and security reasons, all individuals must be 18 years or older on the day of the event.

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Can I bring my children who are under 18? 

No. Unfortunately, this year we are only permitting sleepers 18 years and over into the Event.

However, you can organise your own sleepout in your home, backyard, at school etc. You can find lots of fun ways to fundraise and create your own fundraising page here.

What if I want to leave during the night?

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You can leave at any time, of course, but for security reasons you will not be allowed to come back inside. You can leave through the turnstile near where you entered at Gate 2.

What security measures will be in place?

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MCG security will be scanning your entry ticket, and all patrons will be subject to security wanding prior to entering the stadium. All bags and belongings will be searched so you will need to adhere to MCG Conditions of entry.

What should I bring with me?

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Please bring your own pillow and warm clothes, your favourite snacks, games, activities, a sleeping bag &/or a blanket.

Some people prefer to sleep on a yoga mat or camping mat, both of which are allowed.

Can we bring alcohol, drinks or other liquids into the MCG?

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This event is an alcohol free event. No alcohol may be brought into the venue. Glass containers, cans and knives are not permitted.

You CAN bring with you:

  • An empty re-usable drinking bottle to fill at the water stations inside
  • Any plastic sealed drinks
  • Any food you wish to eat during the night, although there will be some food available.

Will there be power/electricity facilities available?

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What about phone charging?

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Please bring your phone fully charged because there are no charging stations available.

If you have one, you can bring a self-sufficient charging source, like an external battery.

Will my personal belongings be safe?

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This is a public gathering. Please take responsibility for your belongings at all times. We do not recommend bringing any valuables.

Is there security at the event?

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Yes. The MCG’s venue security provider is SECUREcorp and they have generously supported Sleep At The ’G at every event.

Can I take a morning shower before I leave the MCG?

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Can I get into the MCG playing arena?

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Can I bring my pet?

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Is there a place where I can smoke or vape?

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No. There is a no smoking or electronic smoking permitted in the MCG.

Getting to the MCG

How do I get to Gate 2 at the MCG?

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The nearest street for vehicle access is Jolimont Terrace, Jolimont.

The nearest train station is Jolimont, then Richmond.

It is also possible to walk from Flinders Street Railway Station (1.3km) and the CBD.

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Can I park at the MCG?

Yes, there is parking!

Yarra Park (the parking will be on grass outside MCG grounds) will be open from 4pm – 8pm on Wednesday 10 May. Access is via Gate 3 in Yarra Park (Wellington Parade South).

The car park will re-open at 5.30am in time for you to leave. Parking costs $10 (eftpos only) and all money is re-invested back into upkeep of the park.

For alternative parking options, visit: https://www.mcg.org.au/getting-around/parking-schedule

Once parked, head to the turnstiles at Gate 2 and have your ticket, bags and belongings ready for checking.


Is fundraising compulsory and is there a minimum I must raise?

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When you sign up, you will create a personal fundraising page to inspire supporters and take online donations – securely. All participants are asked to actively fundraise but there is no minimum amount.

How can I fundraise?

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If you've never done any fundraising before don't stress as we're here to help! See our top tips section for lots of helpful hints to get you on your way.

If someone makes a donation to me or my team via the website, will they receive a receipt?

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Yes, all donations $2 or more are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent to their nominated email address immediately. Be sure to check all junk mail for their receipt if they haven’t received it. 

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Do you have any resources to help me with my fundraising?

Yes, please see our resources and top fundraising tips section for some useful tools and ideas to help get you started!

COVID19 Safety

What COVID safety measures will be in place?

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MCM will conduct Sleep At The ’G in accordance with the current Government directions, orders and regulations at the time of the event.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Contact MCM's Sleep At The ’G Team via the form on our Contact Us page or call 1800 626 572.

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