How Your
Donations Help

The Power of Unity.
Let's End Youth Homelessness Together

When you donate to Sleep At ’G, you’re giving more than money. You’re making a powerful move to help break the cycle of youth homelessness and tackle disadvantage head-on.

The funds you donate and raise are not about helping young people to simply get by. They’re about arming them with the resources to build their independence – and their dreams.

The Power of Action.
What Your Dollars Can Achieve


Provides nourishment in the form of a voucher for fresh food and essentials.


Gives security and rest through one night of emergency accommodation.


Covers utilities for one month to keep the lights on and the temperature cosy.


Provides appliances to transform a new house into a comfortable home.


Provides a life-changing course on key everyday skills, like meal prep and budgeting.


Heals relationships by covering the cost of counselling and mediation for family reconciliation.


Provides safety and stability through six months' rent in a safe and secure home.


Builds a two bedroom home for young people to create a long-term, nurturing environment.

Read The Stories of
Young People We Support

Meet Brooke

When Brooke's Centrelink payments wouldn't cover the rent and she had to leave her flat with her baby Lily-belle, MCM stepped in and helped to find a safe place for them.

Meet Ben

Faced with family violence and substance abuse, Ben's life was a cycle of couch surfing and hardship. But through MCM, he found shelter and a pathway to healing.

The Power of Numbers.
Reach your Fundraising Goal

You’re making a difference. Let’s take it further.

With a few creative strategies, you can significantly boost your fundraising
efforts and help more young Victorians thrive beyond homelessness.

We Have The Power To
End Youth Homelessness