Top Fundraisng Tips

Your dedication to helping us smash our fundraising goal will create pivotal change in the fight to end youth homelessness.

Ready to elevate your fundraising game? Here are our essential tips.

Set a goal

We all love a goal. So set yourself an ambitious fundraising target – and rally your family and friends to join your quest. Remember: aim high!

Lead by Example

Kickstart your fundraiser by being the first to donate. Your leadership paves the way for others to contribute towards ending youth homelessness.

Set the Bar High

Reach out to your most generous supporters first. Their early donations can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to match their commitment.

Spread The Word

Call on friends and family to back you – or join you – at the mighty MCG on 16 May. Share your passion for eradicating youth homelessness and watch them rally behind you.

Ask Your Boss

Ask your boss about making Sleep At The ’G a company-wide cause. Get leadership on board with matching funds and share photos and messages to inspire the whole team!

Keep The Momentum

Life can get busy, and people might forget to donate – even though they want to. So update them regularly! Remind them of your goal – and encourage them to help you meet it.

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