We're bulding new homes
for young Victorians

Everyone deserves a safe place to live and sleep at night.

It’s the first step to helping young people get back on track, reconnect with employment or education – and become independent community members.

The money you raise from sleeping at the MCG will go towards creating safe, supportive homes with healing-oriented care and support.

The more you raise, the more we can build.

The Power Of Purpose.
End Youth Homelessness

For young people to re-establish their lives, they need a safe place to call home.

But it’s never been harder to access affordable, accessible homes in Melbourne.

Supply is at an all-time low.

That’s why we’re taking matters into our own hands by building homes. Homes especially for young people.

Empowering Young People
Out Of Homelessness

For young people, securing a safe home is just the first step.

They need the right continued care and support to help them move beyond their experience of homelessness.

Your fundraising will help us provide that ongoing assistance, empowerment – and hope.

Surprising facts

We're in a homelessness crisis

A quarter of all people experiencing homelessness in Victoria are aged 12-25. That’s more than any other age group.

The longer homelessness lasts, the harder it is for a young person to rebuild their life.

Couch surfing is a form of homelessness

Couch surfing is the most common form of homelessness experienced by young people.

But because it happens behind closed doors, most people don't see it.

This keeps youth homelessness invisible.

Youth homelessness is not a choice

Youth homelessness is a result of disadvantage leading to a crisis – like family violence, abuse and mental health. 

More than 50% of the people who seek our support have at least one mental health condition. Nearly 3 out of 5 are also experiencing family violence.

Youth and adult homelessness are linked

Half of all adults experiencing long-term homelessness first became homeless in their teens.

By supporting young people early, we can help them avoid staying homeless for life. Early intervention is critical.

Influencing Change at Every Level

To end youth homelessness, we’re connecting the dots to create change that sticks.
How? By working across the spectrum of our community – from young people to policymakers.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide:

Crisis Support

We help young people in crisis by addressing their immediate needs, like a safe place to sleep and necessities like food, clothing and toiletries.

Positive Pathways

We support young people to find ongoing, secure housing. We help them work through the issues that led to their homelessness in the first place.

A Better Future

Every day, we work on the bigger picture by addressing systemic gaps and breaking down barriers to give young people equal access to opportunities.

The Power of Community.
Sleep at the ’G  2024

Lived Experiences of
Young People We Support

Meet Brooke

When Brooke's Centrelink payments wouldn't cover the rent and she had to leave her flat, MCM stepped in and helped to find a safe place for her and her daughter.

Meet Ben

Faced with family violence and substance abuse, Ben's life was a cycle of couch-surfing and hardship. But through MCM, he found shelter and a pathway to healing.