Sean O'Donnell

Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice.

I'm helping MCM put youth homelessness to bed in support of more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night in Victoria.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

You can help by joining me at the MCG on Wednesday 10 May 2023 or giving what you can. Thank you.

Thank you to my Supporters


Brandon Galgano (quickfuel Point Of Sale)

We at QuickFuel Point of Sale are delighted to support a fantastic cause in the fight against youth homelessness. We applaud Sean and his efforts in advocating for those who are in need and hope our small contribution can assist in saving a young life or helping someone in need.


Iq Group

Great effort Sean , great cause !


Michael O'donnell

Good cause - well done. I hope that it's windy, rainy and cold so that you get the most from the experience.


Liam O'donnell

Great work, dad! Sarah and Liam.


Chris Pleasants

Great Cause Sean- These are the things that moves humanity further.


Tim Littlejohn

You are leading- again and again and again. Thanks Sean- you are a Trusted Partner!


Andrew Mcdougall

Go Seano, such a great cause.


Jim Serafim

Awesome effort for a great cause Sean.


Malcolm Mackay

All the best Sean


Jonathan Mortimer


Helen Milligan

A great cause Sean.


Audrey Khaw

Well done Sean and the team at Wipro! Thank you for caring and wanting to make a difference.


Richard Elstone

Well done Sean for highlighting this ongoing problem



Good luck - a very good course.


Rohan Dabke


Matina Karvounaris

Congratulations Sean! Well done on your continual support for a great cause.


Craig Ridley


Dylan Horsburgh


Sean O'donnell


Alex Cottrell

Well done on another year!


Sonia Basser

Great cause. Good on you Sean.


Johnny & Bert

We’ll done seano. Great cause as always


Irene Yu

Great cause Sean. Love your longevity of care and passion to end Youth homelessness.


Paul Franklin


Violet Yeo

Way to go Sean


Sam Kelleher

Great work Seano 👍


Steph Chew

Great work as always Sean for a great cause!


Kristie Goodie

You’re one of the best! Love the awareness you’re continually raising Sean!


Mitchell Holt

Love your work as always mate. Good on you for raising awareness to this important cause.



Stay warm out there Sean


Paul Scroope

Sean, you're an inspiration and your continued support is commendable. Well done.


Ilya Joel-pitcher

Go you go thing


Darren Wilson

Well done Sean. Doing good things for a good cause.


Mark Page




Jane Chen


Ken Loh

Good on ya Sean! All the best.


Mark Sydes

Great cause Sean.


Nick Moutsos

Sean, well done in continuing to play such a vital role in not only supporting such an important cause but also building awareness.



Good one Sean !


Amy Leong

Well done, Sean.


Bernadette Harkin

Great effort Sean!


Sean Dostal

All the best for tonight Sean, your commitment to this cause is amazing and MCM is lucky to have you by their side.


David Johnson

Great initiative Sean - congratulations on getting through the night and bringing this important cause to a broader audience. DJ


Kelly Savannah

9th year Sean! You are amazing!!!


Shane Dobney

Great work you are doing Sean.



Very encouraging that you have a heart for this cause.



Go Sean, you are doing amazing. Thankyou for all you do.


Sam Abbasi

Nice one Sean


Chris Langton

Congratulations on your ongoing support of Sleep at the 'G Sean!


Jason Van Eyl


Stephen Klinakis




Rachel Loughlin

Great cause, good job Sean. Stay warm.


Robert Ada


Jess Harter

Thanks Sean for raising awareness on this important issue. Happy to show my support in any way I can.


Daniel Mccaffrey

Hi Sean, getting slammed by inflation and rent in Sydney, so I’ll donate 25 towards your cause. All the best and hope this serves you well.


Dan Gibbeson

Great effort, great initiative Sean.


James Lye