Nicole Brittain for Gandel Foundation

Team Gandel Foundation are helping put youth homelessness to bed

I'm helping MCM put youth homelessness to bed in support of more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night in Victoria.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

You can help by joining me at the MCG on Wednesday 10 May 2023 or giving what you can. Thank you.

Thank you to my Supporters




Dahlia Sable


Debbie Dadon Am


Joe T

Good stuff Nicole. Get some quality zzz’s!


Simon Atkinson

Well done Nic, great cause! X


Les Kausman

Keep warm Nicole. Sleep well. Proud of you. Leah and Les Kausman


Richard Rogers

great work Nicole


Joey Borensztajn

Good luck!


Vivien And Paul Zimmet


Ruth & Grahame Leonard Am

Sleep tight and warm


Rowan Brittain

Hi Nic and team. Rug up😁


Kathy Baykitch

Great cause Nicole!


Tammie Slade

Good on you Nicole!!


Kay Ronec

Keep warm, you are doing wonderful work


Naomi Swart

So proud of you Nicole. You are doing amazing things. Love Nay and the family


Fiona And Lizzy

Well done Nic, and to all for helping to give all young people a home.


Eva Friedman

Love from us, always. xxx



You are such a mensch, anything I can do to support this worthy cause


Michelle Deutsch

Great cause! Well done Nicole & keep warm.


Leah Boulton

Stay warm Nicole... and may your one night benefit the way too many young people struggling for a safe, warm and nurturing roof and home xx


Margaret Sutherland

Bravo Nic 💖👏👏


Vicki Factor

Go Nicole!


The Gearon Family

Amazing work Nicole, such a great cause x


James Kennard


Andrea Welsh

Good luck Nic. Very worthy charity and event


Ali Byrne

You are an inspiration Nic, love your work xx


Sarah Markey-hamm

You are a superstar!



Good luck hope it’s not too cold


Natalie Baker

Well done, Nicole.


Brett And Neita Allison

Hope you had a hot water bottle. Well done


Ermer Family

Hi nic! Very proud xx


Tony Weldon

Great to learn that you are taking over from Vedran. Take a beanie!!


Debbie Brittain

You will definitely need a beanie Nic! - go girl!


Roy Brittain

Good on you Nic!


Samantha Schelling

You always have others at heart; go well Nic! xo


Cath And Mark Thomas

Great work Nic.


Lisa Phillip

Always an inspiration, thinking of others who are disadvantaged xx


Perzuck Family

Great cause!! All the best xx


Nicole Brittain


Inclusive Change

Great cause Nic. Dress warm!


Adi Rozen

Well done Nic


Paul Malone


Laura M

Go Nic! Amazing cause and effort x


Shlomo Nathanson

Kol Hakavod Nicole, you have always been very in touch at the coal-face level - thank you for drawing awareness and attention to this cause!


Peta Hall


Richard Wilkins


Dorit Jaffe


Sharon Milner


Sienna Brittain

From your loving daughter


Jacqui Bloom

You’re a legend Nic. So proud of you xxx



Well done Nicole.



Good onya Nic!


Terri Green





Great cause! Good luck:)