Dara Murphy

I’m helping put youth homelessness to bed

I’m participating in Sleep At The ’G in support of more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night in Victoria.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

You can help me by joining me at the MCG or giving what you can using the Donate button. Thank you.

My Updates

1 night sleeping outside, that hopefully means one less unfortunate person will have to do so.

Friday 9th Jul

Later this year, I will take part in the Melbourne City Mission, Sleep at the G! It's goal is to create awareness and raise funds for the many, many homeless people in our great city. 

These are the less fortunate ones, the people who have made bad/silly choices, and of course, some homeless people are just perpetual losers. 

However a lot of these are new to this lifestyle, and through no fault of their own, and must be incredibly scared and distraught about their future. 

Homelessness in Melbourne, I feel, will be one of the biggest unintended consequences brought on by the harsh Covid lockdowns. Single sighted policies that were dived into with no balance or consideration of any other life issues, and only focused on 1 aspect of society, health, and only 1 aspect of health. Will no doubt increase this horrible problem. 

The vulnerable who developed mental disorders, due to the isolation and stress caused over the last 18 months. 

My biggest fear is that there will also be many middle aged women whose marriages breakdown, and they have limited savings and Superannuation, or options to start again, thus ending up on the streets with little hope or protection. 

I've seen this first hand while working in the city during the night. It's very disheartening seeing a grown woman cry and drink a bottle of straight vodka, and not even notice me talking to her.

Regardless, of how their journey brought them to this stage of their lives, they all deserve the opportunity to restore some of their dignity, and hopefully a helpful supportive tap on the shoulder, along with a warm bed and hot meal. Hopefully this will be a start of their new beginning. 

Melbourne City Mission, is a charity I have been giving to for a long time, and I believe that over the next few years their charity work, and knowledge into this problem will be invaluable, 

As society continues to comes back to normal, less attention will be given to the real losers of covid, and the long-term vulnerable. Less care given to the ones who fell through the cracks. So my hope it that, Sleep at the G can at least give the many in need, the chance to be warm and fed, and hopefully the spark they need to restart their new live.

Please give anything you can. 

Thanking you. 

Thank you to my Supporters



1 night sleeping outside, that hopefully means one less unfortunate person will have to do so.


Colin Murphy