Christina Lyddy

Everyone deserves a bed

Hello Friends..

As long as i can remember i've always been a bleeding heart. As much as i'd like not to care, most of the time i care too much and yes, sometimes it does get me in trouble. I'm not an overly emotional person but i do have a real soft spot for helping people in need. That said, this time i need YOUR help. 

As many of you know last time I participated in the Melbourne City Missions ‘Sleep at the G’ event i completely forgot i was doing it until a couple days before. My goal was $500 and in just 2 days (with he help of some very generous people) i doubled that amount.

In 2020 the estimated amount of homeless people in Australia was 116,427 so, to reflect that this year my fundraising goal will be $1164.27

In a year that's thrown bushfires, floods, gale force winds, state wide power outages and the always present Covid-19 at us, we have held strong. Although most of us complained about being confined to our property line & stuck in our houses feeling our freedom was being taken away. During those times there were so many people across OUR city that didn't have that luxury. Covid was the least of their worries. 

I know everyone has done it tough over the last 2 years but this is a perfect example of the saying "There is ALWAYS someone, somewhere doing worse than you". 

So, i ask for everyone to read this and try to help someone today. I understand not everyone has money so for those that don't you can always volunteer at a homeless shelter, take food or supplies a donations place or give directly to the kids you see sleeping on the streets.

If you want to donate, i'll attach the link for you to do so. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and ALL contributions will be greatly appreciated. 

If anyone wants to join me for the event, just let me know. It's such a great event but to be honest, it's absolutely freezing, extremely uncomfortable, very loud and quite confronting to experience. To think that for whatever reason there are 6000+ young people (children and teenagers) living like this, on our streets, in our city.. every single night is heartbreaking.  So, if you want to participate but aren't ready to join the actual event, feel free to set up your own little experience in the back yard or close to home if you want. It's a great experience to educate children on how lucky they truely are. 

Thank you all for reading this and for hopefully helping out, however you can. From the bottom of my heart, i truely appreciate every donation.

Thank you to my Supporters


Christina Lyddy