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**This event is now over**


What is Sleep At The ’G?

Sleep At The ’G is MCM’s flagship fundraising event that sees compassionate Victorians come together in support of thousands of young Victorians who are without a safe place to call home. It’s a fun event to raise money and awareness for a serious issue.

Do I sleep at the MCG?

Not this year. Due to COVID-19 health concerns, MCM has decided to cancel the event planned for the MCG. However, you can now participate from home. One night for you could change a whole lifetime for a young person.

Why is homelessness an issue for young people?

Homelessness is usually a result of other forms of disadvantage building to a crisis. Family violence, abuse and mental health are the major drivers into homelessness for young people. But once they become homeless, they face even more dangerous situations; sleeping rough, in unsafe housing, couch surfing and many others that leave them vulnerable to danger and risks. The longer homelessness lasts, the harder it is to rebuild a life.

Without the support of organisations like MCM, a young person can become further entrenched in long term-homelessness, increasing trauma and poverty, losing all hope of reaching their full potential.

We know that 50% of adults experiencing long-term homelessness were homeless as young people. Breaking this cycle is vital to give young people their best chance of a better life.

The event

What is it?

We’re encouraging you to sleep ‘rough’ in solidarity for the 6,000 young people with no safe place to call home. Be it on your couch, on the kitchen floor or in your garage, it won’t be as comfortable as your bed. But it will give you a chance to think about the young people who don’t get that choice each night.

Whether you choose to sleep out at home or not, we’d like you to raise funds for our important work in youth homelessness. We need all the help we can get.

As thanks, we’re putting on a fun online event on Thursday 28 October.

What is the cost to attend?

Due to the cancellation of the physical event at the MCG, it is now FREE to register.

When is it?

You can choose to sleep out at home whatever night suits you. There will however be a one-hour online event commencing at 7pm on Thursday 28 October 2021.

How do I log into the live stream gig on Thursday 28 October?

Simply go to our Live Stream Gig section on our website.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

On our website, over here.

How old must I be to participate?

We welcome participation in the sleep at home activity from all ages. Why not get your whole household involved! But you must be 18 or over to create your own fundraising page.

COVID19 Safety

What COVID safety measures will I need to follow?

Remember to observe government guidelines, particularly around social distancing and restrictions on gatherings.


Is there a minimum amount I must raise?

When you register, you will create a personal fundraising page to inspire supporters and take online donations – securely. All participants are asked to actively fundraise but there is no minimum amount.

How can I fundraise?

If you've never done any fundraising before don't stress as we're here to help! See our top tips section for lots of helpful hints to get you on your way.

If someone makes a donation to me or my team via the website, will they receive a receipt?

Yes and all donations $2 or more are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent to their nominated email address immediately. Be sure to check all junk mail for their receipt if they haven’t received it. 

Do you have any resources to help me with my fundraising?

Yes, please see our resources and ideas and inspiration section for some useful tools and ideas to help get you started!

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Contact the Sleep At The ’G Team via the form on our Contact Us page or call 1800 626 572.

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