Meet Ryan

One of the young people you're supporting

Young people are most affected by Victoria’s affordable housing shortage. Every night, as many as 6,000 young people experience homelessness – in one of the world’s most liveable cities, this is unacceptable. 

Ryan, 24, grew up in Werribee in overcrowded housing with his brother and five sisters, Mum and step-Dad.

Often, his cousins and uncle were also living in the same house. His biological father was an alcoholic, and abused him.

Ryan fell in with the wrong crowd in Werribee but also experienced violence from members of his family and gangs in his neighbourhood.

He and his family members have witnessed extreme violence, including shootings outside of neighbourhood homes and shopping centres. In one incident of random violence, Ryan suffered a broken jaw and had part of his ear ripped off.

We first met Ryan in 2015 when he came to Frontyard Youth Services: our flagship youth crisis centre in the heart of Melbourne.

Ryan has been working with our caseworkers for several years – in what we call "intensive case support". Ryan is considered what we call a "complex case" – his needs are far greater than current facilities and staff can properly and completely support.

For most young people in Victoria experiencing or at risk of homelessness, sleeping rough on the streets, like Ryan, is not a choice – it’s a last resort. And right now, there's simply not enough room in crisis accommodation for all of them.

But you can play your part in changing Ryan's life by donating to #SleepAtTheG to help us put youth homelessness to bed.

Funds raised from this year’s Sleep At The ’G...

Will support upgrading and furnishing Melbourne City Mission’s youth crisis accommodation centres in key locations across Victoria. This is a vital step towards ensuring young people experiencing homelessness, like Ryan, have the support they need to build a new future.

Sleep At The ’G is your opportunity to join our community of supporters who are passionate about helping Victoria’s most vulnerable young people get back on their feet.

Through no fault of their own, these young people are experiencing financial hardship, disadvantage and, in many cases, family violence, abuse and neglect, which we know has long-lasting effects on physical and mental health.

Please donate today to help a young person like Ryan overcome homelessness and have the opportunities in life that each and every one of us deserve.

Or better still, register to join us at the 'G for a night you won't forget, and encourage your family and friends to fundraise towards the cause for your efforts!

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