Top tips

Top Tips

No matter the amount you raise, big or small, you’ll be helping young Victorians access safe, stable accommodation, and the right support to enable them to move beyond their experience of homelessness and become positive, independent, contributing members of society.

Smash your goal with these top fundraising tips!

Set a goal

People love a goal, so set yourself a fundraising target and invite your family and friends to help you reach it. Don't be afraid to aim high – after all, the more you can raise, the more young people you’ll be supporting.

Set the example

Be the first to donate and others will follow!

Set the bar high

Personally ask people likely to be your most generous supporters first (before the big night!) – people will often base their donation on what others have already given. 

Ask everyone

Fill your friends and workmates Facebook and LinkedIn feeds and inboxes with selfies of you in your onesie! Or if you’ve got an especially spectacular snaps of your fundraising heroics, show your mates the proof. Post it on Instagram and Twitter too. Try getting a household pic!

It’s also a great way to get your friends to spread the word. After all, the more people who hear about your passionate support, the more young people you’ll help MCM support. 

Spread the word

Tell all your friends and family that you are sleeping out at home and ask them to donate in support of your effort to end youth homelessness. They’ll be proud to know you’re standing in solidarity with a vulnerable young person who has no place of their own.

Remind people

People are busy and might forget to donate even though they want to. Send regular updates, reminding people of your goal – and don’t forget to ask them to help you meet it!

Ask your workplace

Your employer may support you by matching donations or even by giving a special donation. Ask them!

Get in touch with our Corporate Partnership Manager at if you want suggestions or ideas for how to fundraise in your workplace.

Remember to share some pics of your fundraising efforts with your colleagues and your employer.

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