Sandhya Jadu

Help me put youth homelessness to bed

Hi friends!

It’s my passionate self again, raising awareness and funds for a cause I believe in and area  I work in.

In Victoria there are more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night. The pandemic has impacted this number which has meant more young people have been left without employment and the number of people living under the poverty line has increased.

With Jobkeeper returning to pre-covid rates, it has meant young people’s rental options have contracted. Imagine paying your rent, food, transport and bills with $30-40 a day when Melbourne average rent can range from $280-320!

Our data also shows that during lockdown young people were having to stay in relationships that were putting them at risk. In addition to needing a safe place to live, young people need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Now more than ever our services and young people need your help and support

As usual, I will be participating in ‘Sleep at The G’ on October the 28th. Last year, due to covid, I slept on my floor and will be doing the same this year and hope that you will join by supporting me or do this with me. 

If you can please donate, share my link with your community and join me on the night to spread awareness and raise funds.


Lots of love to you all!

 Thank you.


Thank you to my Supporters


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Brianna Choi

Amazing work, Sandhya! I have so much respect for what you do.


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Great work Sandhya!


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Thank you Sandhya and MCM for the work you do.


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We want to see some explosive push-ups.


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Amazing work MCM and go Sandhya!


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Great job Sandhya! Hope you meet your goal!


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Good luck!


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Great work Sandhya ❤️


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All the best Sandyha xx


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Love what you're doing!


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Love your work Wifey!!


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Nice work Sandhya!


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Go Sandhya - you are a legend for doing this. You are amazing yahoo.



You are inspirational x



Good on ya :)


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