I’m helping put youth homelessness to bed

I’m participating in Sleep At The 'G At Home in support of more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night in Victoria.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

You can help me by signing up to participate or giving what you can using the Donate button. Thank you.

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Monday 4th Oct
What does it take to make life a little more comfortable for young people experiencing homelessness? Not much, maybe some spare change or sleeping a night in their 'bed'. 
Comfort is not just about having a mattress or a couch to sleep on, but also about being able to feel safe and warm whilst you sleep. 
I never really paid much attention to the homelessness crisis in Melbourne. It wasn't until one icy winter morning I saw a homeless person covered from head to toe in whatever fabric remnants they could find laying on a bit of cardboard on the sidewalk. It broke my heart to think that this person had nowhere to stay, and endured a cold blast overnight on the streets possibly fearing for their safety. Guilt struck as just minutes ago my internal monologue complained about how cold the 10 minute walk from the carpark to work was. Privileged much?Feeling extremely ungrateful for basic amenities most of us take for granted. 
Following on from that day I started noticing more and more homeless people on the streets of Melbourne. Especially on cold nights I think more about how they're managing the unfavorable weather. 
I hope by participating in this event I can contribute to restful nights' sleep for young homeless individuals, and get them back on their feet. Providing them with a basic human right, a place to sleep in comfort. 

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Thanks for raising my awareness about the homelessness issue, Pauline. Good on ya! LL


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Proud of you!


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We need more people like you xx


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