Anna Jobson

I’m helping put youth homelessness to bed

I’m participating in Sleep At The ’G in support of more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness every night in Victoria.

Young people need more than a safe place to live, they need stability and support to develop life skills, heal from trauma, and to transition to independence. Your support is needed now more than ever.

You can help me by joining me at the MCG or giving what you can using the Donate button. Thank you.

My Updates

Why I’m doing this again

Friday 9th Jul
I’m back for another year - this time inspired to do so because of a petition created to STOP the building of a short term homelessness shelter, because it would “devalue property” and “businesses will suffer”. It’s this type of wilful ignorance that is so dangerous and that continues to hurt real people who just need some help. If you’re also as concerned as I am by this type of thinking, share, donate, or join me at the ‘G!!

Thank you to my Supporters


Anna Jobson