About Sleep at the 'G 2019

Melbourne City Mission supports over 5,000 people a week

But with over 6,000 young people homeless in our city, too many are still falling through the gaps… and the consequences are devastating. We can reach them all. But we need your help to do it.

Sleep at the ’G is your chance to raise awareness and vital funds for our life-changing work.

In 2019 our annual mass sleepover at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) will take place in May 2019.

Hosted by Melbourne City Mission, it’s made possible through the amazing support of our major partners, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) and Melbourne Football Club.

Homelessness crisis: Urgent action is required

Homelessness is one of the worst ways to be socially disadvantaged. And although violence, abuse and trauma are the major drivers into homelessness for young people, it can put them in ever more traumatic and dangerous situations.

Plus, they’re often disconnected from family, schooling and opportunities. And worst of all, the longer homelessness lasts, the harder it is to restart your life. Homelessness becomes a cycle – the only way to survive.

Without the support of organisations like Melbourne City Mission, a young person can become trapped in poverty, and lose all hope of reaching their full potential.

You can help break this cycle...When You Sleep At The 'G!

By sleeping out at the MCG and raising vital funds to support Melbourne City Mission’s work, you’ll be 'standing alongside' a young Victorian who has been forced into unsafe housing, someone else’s couch or even onto the streets.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the issues facing young people, and hear first-hand from our youth workers who are working directly with those affected.

One hundred percent of recent past sleepers said they’d recommend the experience to others

Many felt a real sense of pride waking up at the MCG – knowing they’d raised funds to provide refuge, emergency accommodation and essential services for young people… Even if they had sore, tired bodies the next morning!

“The experience was priceless and so humbling at the same time ... Thank you so much.” – Paul (Sleeper, 2018) “I thought the Youth Homelessness Panel were incredibly brave and phenomenally well spoken… I thought they conducted themselves with dignity and poise and it was humbling listening to them speak about the challenges they faced” – Samara (Sleeper, 2018) Absolutely loved "The Challenge" on the App. What a great way to get people interacting with each other. Thank you to all staff and volunteers for providing another memorable event! – Ashleigh (Sleeper, 2016-18)

If you believe everyone deserves a secure and safe place to call home, register now for Sleep at the ’G.


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